Transport Services for Special Events

Lahore Transport Company has an elongated history of providing tranquil transport service on special occasions to maximum facilitate the commuters. The credit goes to top brass of LTC and operations department for smooth arrangement of transport service so that general public could not face hurdles while availing public transport facility. The exclusive shuttle service has been imparted to Sikh Pilgrims on their religious events, during Horse and Cattle Show, Raiwand Ijtimah, T-20 and PSL Cricket Matches, General Elections 2018 and for getting people to animal markets near Eidul-Izha.

Bus Service for Sikh Pilgrims at Besakhi Festival

Lahore Transport Company with the collaboration of its private transport operator M/S Platform Turizm commenced 25 state of the art CNG Buses to facilitate the Sikh pilgrims on their visit to Pakistan for observing their religious rituals. Unlike previous year LTC plied exclusive bus service for the Sikh Pilgrims on their visit to Baisakhi festival as per agreed protocol between India and Pakistan.

This bus service commuted the Sikh Yatrees from Railway Station to Gurdwara Dera Sahib on their arrival through special trains, as well as on the departure. Sikh Pilgrims acclaimed the exclusive bus service facility imparted by Lahore Transport Company as gesture of hospitality of Pakistani nation to the people pertaining to other religions visiting here.



Free Shuttle Service for T-20 International Cricket Match

Lahore Transport Company plied free shuttle service for cricket enthusiasts for reaching cricket stadium to experience on ground 3rd T20 International Cricket Match organized between Sri Lanka and Pakistan cricket teams. This was an effort to revive International Cricket in Pakistan. LTC plied 30 Air Conditioned - Coaster Buses from various parking points established near Gaddafi Stadium to facilitate the general public that is coming to see the cri cket match by availing free and safe transport shuttle service.

The officials of operations and enforcement department of LTC made their presence at various points on the day of event for guidance of general public. Lahore Transport Company has maintained the tradition of imparting buses this time also unlike previous occasions, the main objective of providing this free shuttle service is to provide comfortable shuttle service without any hassle for cricket fans and to make the event successful by keeping in view the efforts of Punjab government to promote and encourage sports.