Transport Enforcement

Mandate of the Department

Enforcement wing of Lahore Transport Company retains backbone in organization. Enforcement wing was established after the commencement of Lahore Transport Company in 2009 with the mandate to:

  • Discipline the PSV Traffic within the premises of Lahore
  • Enforce the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965 MVO. Regulations
  • Eliminate the illegal means of Transport on LOV/HOV. Routes
  • Enforce Government policies on PSVs.
  • Ensure Bus Stop/ Bus Bay Clearance
  • Streamline passenger pick 'n drop from bus stops
  • Eliminate illegal Bus stops

Facilitation Centre & Logistics

LTC Facilitation Centre are Operational for General Public at following locations

  • Gulberg office
  • Railway Station
  • Green Town

Well qualified, Trained Transport Enforcement Inspectors were inducted that remains engaged in special on road exercises, assignments and strategic operational activities to Enforce Transport Policies and to cope with on road violations of PSVs in order to ensure the smooth, safe, efficient and affordable transport system. In preceding year Enforcement Wing has issued 183,050 Challan tickets to the violators of different PSVs in violations of Route Permit, Fitness Certificate, Driving license, Sub Standard LPG Cylinders, Illegal PSVs, Over Charging, Bus cleanliness and on different Public Complaints etc.

Following is the detail of action taken in 2017:- 

Year 2017 Bus Vans Coaster/Mazda 4 Stroke 2 Stroke Qing Qi Misc. Total
Challaned 4201 19932 5749 67365 105 65058 1009 164219
Impounded 73 1040 157 7245 10 10263 43 18831
Total 4274 20972 5906 74610 115 75321 1852 183050


Enforcement Wing not only performs assigned operational duties but also engages in special campaigns (Anti Dengue Activities, Shuttle service for Cricket Matches, Annual Raiwind Ijtama, Sikh Yatress religious celebrations, Horse & Cattle Show, Eid ul Edha Cattle Mundi operations, CNG Refueling in Buses, Public Awareness Campaigns, Bus stop monitoring etc.) in collaboration with other departments i.e CDGL, EPD, CTPL, PITB, Punjab Police, PCB, SNGPL, PTA/DRTA. Enforcement wing is playing a vital role for Urban Transport Discipline Management which contributes not only in the socio economic development of smart cities by saving precious time of commuters; reduce distances and by up-gradation the standard of living of incumbents of Lahore but also indirectly a reason to increase in  the GDP of the country.