Training Programs for Public Transport

To educate and create awareness about public transport laws is vital in any modernized city. Lahore Transport Company from time to time organizes fruitful training and awareness programs for drivers and fare collectors at nook and cranny in city to inculcate sense of responsibility in connection with public service vehicles.


In these training programs, emphasize is laid on the proper observance of traffic rules and regulations particularly their conduct with commuters on the roads, driving safety measures about appropriately running and halting of vehicles at proper places (stops), courteous conduct with passengers, over speeding and to avoid from rash driving.

They also stress on the observance of traffic signals, avoid reckless driving during state of inadvertently, following sign boards and necessary indications on flag posts for PSV drivers  plying of vehicles on designated route, necessary documents including route permit and fitness certificate to drive the vehicle, holding of public service vehicle license, vehicle registration book, changing of lanes, intersections apart from this before running the vehicles the doors must be locked properly and to maintain distance from other vehicles on the road is also included in the training sessions. LTC is organizing these training programs at various locations of city with the collaboration of its private transport operators as awareness campaign to facilitate the general public.