Title Tender File Publish Date Opening Date
Prequalification of Firms for Temporary Tracking Services https://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Evaluation_Report_Temp_Tracking_2018.pdf Jun 25, 2018
Evaluation Report of “SUPPLY OF NFC CARDS FOR SENIOR CITIZEN & DISABLE PERSONS AND CARD PRINTER” https://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Evaluation_Report_of_Supply_of_NFC_Cards_and_Printer.pdf Jun 22, 2018
Provision of Card Printer along with Consumable https://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Provision_of_NFC_Card_Printer.rar Jun 22, 2018
Maintenance Service of New Design Bus Shelters in Lahore https://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Maintenance_of_Solar_Systems_2.rar Jun 20, 2018
Advertisement Rights on Bus Stop Shelters of Lahore https://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Advertisement_Rights.rar May 29, 2018
Prequalification of Firms for Temporary Tracking Services https://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Prequalification_of_Temproary_Tracking_System_2018.rar May 24, 2018
Evaluation Report of "Appointment of External Auditor" https://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Evaluation_Report_of_External_Auditor.pdf May 15, 2018
Supply of NFC Cards for Senior Citizen & Disable Persons and Card Printer https://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/NFC_Senior_Citizen_Cards_and_Printer.rar May 09, 2018
Appointment of External Auditor https://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Appointment_of_External_Auditor.rar Apr 26, 2018
Evaluation Report of Advertisement Rights on 16 Nos. New Design Bus Shelters along with Repair & Maintenance, Security and Protection https://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Evaluation_Report_for_16_Nos._Bus_Shelters.pdf Mar 05, 2018