Title Tender File Publish Date Opening Date
Evaluation Report of Advertisement Rights on Bus Shelters along with Repair & Maintenance, Security and Protection of Bus Stop Passenger Shelters http://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Evaluation_Report_1.pdf Jul 31, 2017
Evaluation Report of Pre-qualification of Contractors Transporters http://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Evaluation_Report_0.pdf Jul 25, 2017
Evaluation Report of Legal Advisory Services http://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Evaluation_Report.pdf Jul 21, 2017
Revised evaluation report for "Pre-qualification of Firms for Temporary Tracking Services" http://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Revised_Evaluation_Report.pdf Jul 12, 2017
Evaluation Report of Newly Design Bus Shelters in Lahore http://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Evaluation_report_for_newly_design_bus_shelters.zip Jul 10, 2017
Tender notice and RFP for the Tender of "Legal Advisory Services" http://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/RFP_for_Legal_Advisory_Services1.zip Jun 30, 2017
Tender Notice and RFP/Bidding Documents for "Advertisement Rights on Bus Stop Shelters alongwith Repair & Maintenance, Security and Protection of Bus Stop Passenger Shelters" http://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Advertisment_Rights.zip Jun 29, 2017
Pre-qualification notice and Pre-qualification documents along with TOR's for "Pre-qualification of Contractors Transporters" http://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/PQ_Doucments_and_TOR.zip Jun 26, 2017
Evaluation report of procurement of IT Equipment http://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Evaluation_Report_IT_Equipment.pdf Jun 21, 2017
Evaluation report of "Prequalification of firms for temporary tracking services" http://ltc.gop.pk/system/files/Evaluation_report_Prequalification_of_firms_for_temporary_tracking_services.pdf Jun 16, 2017