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Guidelines for Students After Receiving the Student Green Card.

  • 1- All the students have to visit the designated UBL OMNI shop or OMNI Agent with Student Green Card for account opening as the card will be active with subject to opening of UBL OMNI account.
  • 2- OMNI Agent will ask student either he/she already has the OMNI account if not then they will open the level 0 Bank account.
  • 3- The student should have LTC reference number (printed on the card) and mobile number.
  • 4- The agent will forward this information to OMNI system for mobile number validation if provided mobile number is valid and unique then OMNI system will send the OTP message on given mobile number for confirmation of account holder. (The mobile number should be the same as provided on student registration form.)
  • 5- UBL Omni account will be opened for each cardholder.
  • 6- The students have to deposit cash into their UBL Omni account.
  • 7- The amount deposited into the UBL Omni account will be used to pay fare for each trip by taping the student greencard on the E-Ticketing device.

Rs.100 for 06 and 12 Months - Travel Charges: Rs.10/- per trip

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